Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Kph Cosmos Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as United Herbs & Herbal Company Pvt. Ltd.) is engaged in the development and manufacturing of Pharmaceutical and Personal care products. Our main objective is to ensure that every product, which we manufacture, must be safe, effective and of the highest quality and should be delivered to our customers on time. We take personal responsibility, and accountability to provide ace products and solutions that best satisfies the requirements of our customers.


With our superior understanding of consumer needs we develop products to fulfill their requirements better.


We are committed to the achievement of business success with integrity. We intent for honesty with consumers, business partners and with each other. Our priority is to meet quality expectations of our consumers in our products.


The use of intelligent technologies, state-of-the-art materials and processes are a tradition at KPH Cosmos. Our sincere efforts are to continuously bring innovation in products & processes.


To win consumers confidence and loyalty, we consistently deliver branded products of excellent quality. We understand the different needs of our customers and strive to develop and deliver superior brands to ensure that they’re the preferred choice. By consistently applying high standards, we’re able to do things right at the first time, cut waste, reduce costs and drive profitability.

Our quality policy describes the principles that everyone in KPH follows, wherever they are in the world, to ensure that we are recognized and trusted for our integrity, the quality of our brands and products, and the high standards we have set.

Principles of Quality Policy

To Put Safety First

Our quality standards ensures that we design, manufacture and supply products that are safe, of excellent quality, and conform to the relevant industry and regulatory standards in the countries where we operate.

To place consumers at the heart of our business

We actively engage our consumers, translating their needs and requirements into our products and services, thus creating consumer value wherever we position our products. This is at the very heart of our innovation process.

To make quality a shared responsibility

Quality and consumer safety is the responsibility of every KPH employee. We demonstrates visible and consistent leadership to meet this policy. The drive for quality, in all that we do, is a passion reflected in our brand development, manufacturing and customer service processes.

To build and maintain excellent systems that ensure quality and safety of our products

We’re proactively and continuously developing our systems and processes to ensure quality and safety throughout the whole value chain to set a benchmark for the businesses. We provide appropriate training and resources, and ensure that we deliver our quality objectives and targets.