Human Rights policy

Human Rights policy

Our Human Rights Policy establishes a foundation for managing our business around the world in accordance with high standards.

Child Labour

Under no circumstances, KPH Cosmos shall employ workers under the minimum age for work as specified by the local, state and National laws.

Working Hours

KPH Cosmos complies with applicable local, state and national laws and industry standards on regular and overtime of working hours. All overtime work by employees is on voluntary basis.

Forced Labour

KPH Cosmos does not engage itself in the use of indentured, slave, bonded, or other forced involuntary labour. Work is conducted on the basis of freely agreed and documented terms of employment.

Harassment and Violence

KPH Cosmos treats its employees with dignity and is committed to provide a work environment that is free of verbal, physical, sexual, psychological or any other type of harassment.


KPH Cosmos provides equality of opportunity and treatment to individuals without any regards to race, colour, religion, sex, age, national or social origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by law, unrelated to individuals ability to perform work.

Health and Safety

KPH Cosmos is committed to have a work place and operations that are safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable, as specifically set forth in the "SHE" policy (Safety Health and Environment)


KPH Cosmos pay wages, that meet or exceed the legal minimum standards, or appropriate prevailing local industry standards. It also includes equal remuneration for men and women for work of equal value.

Freedom of Association

KPH Cosmos recognizes and respects employee's right to freedom of peaceful association and collective bargaining. It also facilitates open communication and direct engagement between workers and management.