Safety, Health , Environment

Safety, Health , Environment

KPH group shall uphold its leadership position in personal and home care industry by protecting the environment during its operations, ensuring health and safety of people in our premises and stake holders. KPH cosmos shall make safety, health and environment protection a priority in development of new products, and processes that are manufactured, transported and safe for us.

We shall ensure safe, healthy and environment friendly work place as our first culture with focus on sustainability. We are committed to comply with all the applicable 'SHE' legal and other requirements.

In fulfilment of this commitment, we shall continually improve our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) performance by:


Elimination of occupational hazards and risks involved at workplace for prevention of injury and ill health.

Environment Protection

Identification and reduction of environmental risk and prevention of pollution at workplace and surroundings. Focusing on waste elimination and optimum utilization of natural resources.

Communication and Awareness

Inculcate 'SHE' awareness among people in our premises and neighbouring community through education and training.