Corporate social Responsibility

Corporate social Responsibility

Serving society through environment-friendly technology

KPH Cosmos is a global company with interests in businesses that focuses on PCHC: personal care and home care for beauty, cleanliness, hygiene, and health protection.

Care for Community

KPH Cosmos has demonstrated its concern for community through consistent and structured initiatives. KPH Cosmos is focusing on building sustainable business operations through partnering with dedicated not-for-profit organizations, government bodies, and local authorities.

Involvement of Employees

KPH Cosmos encourages its employees to actively volunteer for various programs of hygiene, neighbourhood cleanliness drives, education, and social causes. Our employees actively organize and donate in blood donation camps and participate in health camps. Our employees also conduct science practical to demonstrate various scientific experiments.

Building Links

KPH Cosmos has built strong links with schools for under-privileged children, government authorities, and charities. It is involved in programs to support rural/tribal poor students, promote hygiene and health, and encourage community spirit. The intent of our partnerships is to create real actual value as well as to realize broader social benefit.